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Bass For Your Face

I had a very interesting 2021 & 2022 years. I was booked to perform from Vegas to Croatia, Colombia to Tulum, down to Costa Rica then Back in Los Angeles passing through Mexico City then a quick stop in Miami. That is a lot of different type of fans, and they all don't listen to the same EDM sub genres.

I started playing in venues that were Tech House on a Friday, Progressive House on a Saturday then Big Room + Electro House Festival music the weekend after.

I'm a sucker for music, happiness and all the fun that comes with it, so... I like to be part of every event and genre I can, because I can dj and produce most styles and also because I love people and the life style. 

This is how my Album BASS FOR YOUR FACE happened. For example... Groups of people fans of my Commercial EDM songs will come to a show I was booked for, at a Deep Techno venue or Progressive House, Tech House, or Vice Versa, they just wanted to see me in person no matter the Electronic Genre. And I would analyze (as I'm performing) what sounds or songs those fans that didn't fit the venue's genre are reacting positively or negatively to. 

I'm such a nerd & I love it haha. I put together all those notes, I actually made notes haha. And based on that my first experiment was this EP "Bass For Your Face".

There is more to come, I'm very exited! I hope you guys like it, If you don't I will still love you LOL.

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Angel Parilli

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